Unexpected delay due to technical issues

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Unexpected delay due to technical issues

It was as inevitable as the Murphy’s Law, so it’s time to admit – we are having some technical issues and we have to postpone the launch of Cryptumcoin for a few days. After the BTG fiasco where half the miners on Earth, including us, mined their pre-mine, we decided for a different approach to almost everything related to Cryptumcoin. Right now we are rewriting parts of the code and we are testing them again until we receive satisfactory results, and we will need a couple of days to finish with this.

We will announce the day for the launch 1 full day prior to the official launch – both here and in the Bitcointalk thread, Twitter and Facebook pages. Meanwhile we will release a small guide how to claim your Cryptumcoin premine if you are Cryptum ICO contributor, and a guide for solo mining Cryptumcoin at the day of the launch (although we stronly suggest you switch to pools the moment any of them are out as the difficulty will climb up quickly).

Stay tuned!


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