The ultimate mineable cryptocurrency

Cryptumcoin (CRYC) is an Equihash-based miner- and trade-centric cryptocurrency offering initial rewards to all Cryptum ICO participants, an innovative block reward system for miners and stable investment for the early traders.

Cryptumcoin is developed by Cryptum and the team behind the Crypto Mining Blog

with the general purpose of being implemented in the Cryptum future store payment and loyalty system, as well as the systems of our partners.

Cryptumcoin is coming in December

We are proud to present a new age in cryptocurrency mining coming with our new Cryptumcoin (CRYC). It is secure, fast, decentralized, highly prospective, ASIC-resistant and power efficient PoW currency that is coming to stay.

Get involved early by mining or trading

Cryptumcoin is based on Equihash, one of the most popular mining algorithms today. Start mining early or buy Cryptumcoins from the exchanges while the price is low; our innovative reward system and aggressive approach to exchange listings guarantees ever growing rates and profitability.

Innovative Age-based block reward system

The reward Ages take care of the most common problems with newly launched minable currencies and guarantee a long-term investment protection, backed by initial boost, followed by gradual deflation of the rewards and a raising mining difficulty.